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ECG: Heart Axis


Why should you choose "ECG: Heart Axis"?• Simple and very easy to use.• Accurate and precise calculation.• The electrical heart axis is shown in vector degrees.• Interpretation of the vector degrees result.• It is totally free. Download now!"ECG: Heart Axis" is a simple application to determine heart axis by using an electrocardiogram (ECG) reading. "ECG: Heart Axis" is designed to help health professional in clinical practice, intensive care, or emergency department. Heart axis or cardiac axis is the direction of action potentials during ventricular depolarization. It is important to assess the heart axis of a patient with suspected heart disease.
In "ECG: Heart Axis", you need to input the QRS complex deflection in lead I and lead AvF. The electrical heart axis will then be shown in vector degrees. The interpretation of the vector degrees result is provided. There are 4 interpretations in "ECG: Heart Axis", namely normal heart axis, left axis deviation (LAD), right axis deviation (RAD), and extreme axis deviation.
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